Carbon Cane 12mm


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Carbon Cane 12mm

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The character of the Carbon Cane 12mm

The carbon cane 12 mm is a strong stiff basterd. It's heavy look but deep sharp impact is always fun to bring to a party.
Due to its's thickness it feels very nice and thuddy when you tap it on your (play)partner.
Carbon is a material that is very light and stiff, making it super accurate to place and easy to dose.
With the handle as a nice grip, you can use the cane to warm up while tapping, or make some nice stripes.
It is the perfect cane for everyone liking canes or sharp and light impact.

About our Carbon Cane 12mm

The carbon 12mm cane is 45 cm (17,7 inch) long, the handle is 18 cm long (7,0 inch) 3,5 cm in diameter (1.4 inch)
  • Handmade out of hand picked, high quality leather and the highest quality carbon fibre.
  • Light and easy to place
  • Finished off with shiny upholstery nails.
  • Easy to hang away for storage with the braided loop.


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Color disclaimer

We try our best to showcase the color as accurate as possible.
Please know leather is a natural product and can have little flaws.
Colors may vary due to monitor settings.