About Us

We are WhipsbyWolf

Wolf started Whips by Wolf in 2011, in a tiny dorm room in Utrecht, the Netherlands. When Wolf seriously started out playing, he discovered that the toys he wanted didn't exist in his style and price range. As an engineer and creative mind, he started creating his own toys by try and error, until he designed and created his very first set of toys. 

When he took them to a party, many people loved seeing the floggers and asked where he got them. This grew out from making floggers in his student dorm for friends, to where we are today. After the first success he started to develop a more diverse range of toys, and got his first home based workshop when he moved to Spijkenisse. 
In 2018 Cub came into Wolf's life, together they started running and attended the first fairs outside of the Netherlands. Cub took over many aspects of the administrational side of WhipsbyWolf what gave Wolf more time to focus on building and extending the business. Because of Cub's more vibrant touch, we dared to make even bolder color combinations and added more diverse toys to our line-up.
In 2020 we re-located together, to the home office we have today. We believe the true power of WhipsbyWolf comes from our combined effort and our huge passion for BDSM play. We both thrive on seeing people glow and feel confident with our toys. But we also both love the journey and the adventures that come with being entrepreneurs. 
Up to today, we want to always be honest with ourselves and to our customers. By not relying on WhipsbyWolf for our next meal. We are still at the freedom to let our hearts speak at the fairs, and always do what ethically feels right. This is something we take allot of pride in.  We have many dear friends who help or have helped us along the way, and we are thankful for the great people we have met until now and in the future.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us