Black Snaketongue


  • Handmade Snaketongue.
  • made out of high quality saddle leather.
  • Finished off with stainless steel upholstery nails.
  • Braided loop for storage.


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Character of the Snaketongue

A dragon tongue is a toy
that should be in every toy bag!
It’s a delightful leather implement,
which feels super sharp.
These will definitely leave their mark!

You use just the little tip of the tongue
to hit your play partner and you can safely
use this toy on all body parts.
The placing is very predictable,
because the leather if very thick and sturdy.
This toy is easy to use
and can be used to either hit hard or soft.
Both will feel very enjoyable!

In addition we also make Snake tongues.
It has the same principle as the dragon tongues,
but has 2 sharp tips instead of one.

  • Handmade out of hand picked, high quality leather.
  • Build out of 2 different kinds of high quality leather.
  • Easy to hang away for storage with the braided loop.

Dimensions and extra info

Pain indicator: 7 (medium sharp)
Size tongue: 35 cm long (13.7 inch)
Handle: 15 cm long (5.9 inch) 3 cm in diameter (1.2 inch)


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