About our products

Custom made floggers for you!
Yes! You read that well!

Yes you can order your own customised floggers with us! You can choose your own color combination, endknob and the feeling the flogger will have!

Please do note that our abilities to suit your wishes are dependant on our leather supplier as well. We know that the idea of turquouise glitter leather with a green-purple leather is very attractive to you, but what our leather supplier doesn’t have, we don’t.

If you have special wishes regarding your choice of leather, endknob and/or feeling, please contact us, so we can inform you about the possibilities of your order.

We get really excited about custom orders, those are the best! They might be for you as well, because the price will be the same (unless otherwise communicated with us) as the other relatable products. Don’t hold back on your dreams!

What is an allround flogger?
An allround flogger is a flogger that can be used to warm up the skin, prior to more impact play. It is important to warm up the skin to avoid unintended pain spikes and to increase the time you’re able to play within your own boundaries. Besides warming up, these floggers can be used anytime in your impact play. Great for both beginners and more advanced BDSM practitioners.
Are custom made floggers more expensive?

When your custom order has all the parts equal to what a regular set needs leather and supply-wise, the pricing will be the same!

Please do keep in mind that when requesting a custom set with our Exclusive leather, the pricing will increase. This is also the case when adding more than two colors within one flogger set. Please contact us about any questions about custom work, we love those orders the most and are more than willing to assist you in creating your perfect flogger set.

About your package

Do your Floggers and toys travel all over the world?
Yes, our products love to travel and see the world from your location!

We ship worldwide! When you order a product that has already been created, we aim to ship the product within 1 to 3 business days after receiving the payment.

All of our packages have a track and trace code when being sent, plus the package will be insured and not offered to the neighbors in case you are not home at the time of delivery.
The courier will need your signature upon delivery. Regarding international customs (and their fees) we are not responsible for any packages seized by customs, or additional customs, VAT, other import fees or tariffs you might have to pay.

We will ship to the shipping address you have given us when you have placed your order. Please make sure that this is the address you would like your package shipped to. We cannot be held responsible for an item arriving at an incorrect, non-valid or non-current address, so please make sure your provided information is correct.

We will not send your package without insurance, due to the uniqueness of our products. We also ensure you that your package is sturdy and discreet! The price of the insurance is covered in our shipping fee. You can find the shipping fee in the cart/check out section.

If you live close by and you want to pick up your package and have some coffee with us, please feel free to send us an email to make an appointmentDo

How can I pay for my products?
You have the option to pay with PayPal or iDeal.
Do you accept returns?
Due to the nature of our products and the importance of hygiene we cannot take any refunds, credits or exchanges.

We deliver high-quality products, so we don’t expect our floggers (and other toys) to break with normal, everyday, intended use. In case of a manufacturing error within a year of your purchase, please contact us and we will repair your product (excluding paddles), free of charge. The only costs you might make are the shipping costs.

Please do not use the endknob as a handle. They are intended for balancing and decorative uses only

What happend if my package isn't arrived or too late?
We’re very sorry to hear that, if this is the case! We strive to ship our products as securely as possible. A shipment getting lost is, sadly, beyond our control, but we will do everything we can do to investigate the matter with the shipping company.

Please make sure your shipping adress details are correct when contacting us about a lost package.

If all of the provided information is correct, we will take up contact with the shipping company. The time of respons from the shipping company is, again, beyond our control, so hearing back about your package might take a while. Please be patient with us while we try our best to find your package!

If the investigation concludes that your package has been lost, we’ll be happy to resolve the matter.