DireWolf in Black, Red & Gray


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Character of the DireWolf

Please find our character card in the gallery for the specific characters of this Flogger Set.
Like the style of this flogger set but are you looking for another feel? please feel free to contact us!

The DireWolf

The DireWolf is a toy that speaks for itself. With it's 200+ falls we can say it is almost a full hide in one flogger.
Playing with the DireWolf is playing with power, deep, thuddy, breathtaking power.
Because of the weight, it feels very deep, thuddy and heavy. 
When walking into a play scene or at a party, this flogger never fails to make an impression.
It can be used as a flogger while standing down, but also feels amazing when your (play)partner lays on a surface.
This toy is balanced like all the other toys, but please take in mind the weight of this toy might not be suitable for everyone.
The DireWolf comes with a detachable hanging loop, so you can attach it to a belt.
  • Handmade out of hand picked, high quality exclusive leather.
  • Contains 1 DireWolf and 1 detachable hanging loop.
  • Finished off with a decorative endknob and shiny upholstery nails.
  • Build out of  two different kinds of high quality leather.
  • Easy to hang away for storage with the detachable hanging loop
  • No hollow core in your floggers!
  • All our floggers are balanced!

Dimensions and extra info

The DireWolf has 55 cm long falls. (21,7 inch)
it is a balanced toy, weighing a minimum of 2 kilo.

The handles measure approximately 15 cm (5.9 inches) and approximately 10 cm (1,96 inches) in diameter.


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Color disclaimer

We try our best to showcase the color as accurate as possible.
Please know leather is a natural product and can have little flaws.
Colors may vary due to monitor settings.