About us

Who are we?



Leather craftsman

Hi! Nice to meet you! I’m Wolf. I’m the nasty (or sweet) Sadist and Engineer who designs all our floggers and other toys! I’ve been building leather floggers since 2011, so that really gave me time to make our products to the high-quality beauties you see today!

I’m happy to help you build your flogger set of your dreams!

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Wolf's little helper

Hi there! My name is Cub, i was born in 1992 and I’am the partner (in crime) and submissive from Wolf, Helping people grow and seeing the smile one someone’s face when they find a perfect toy is something that always makes my heart flurther.

At Whips by Wolf i take care of all the social media, visuals and ofcourse at the fairs give flogger advice,

You may also see me on pictures and in video’s showcasing floggers. You can find me wherever Wolf will go, and if you have any questions, I’ll always be there for you to help!

The history of  Whips by Wolf

Whips by Wolf started in 2011, in a tiny dorm room in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Wolf wasn’t satisfied by what he could find in stores, so he decided that, with his engineering and creative skills, he’d rather try to build his own better quality floggers for his Sadistic and playfull tendencies. After quite a few successful attempts at creating his own set of floggers, friends wanted his artisans touch in his work in their own collections and thus Wolf began building for others. When this expanded well beyond his circle of friends, he decided to sell them. This provided him with the incentive to keep on improving his craftmanship. Since then, Wolf has succeeded in perfecting his signature style flogger sets to the beautiful and artful floggers you see today! His success and high quality inspired him into making more than just floggers, so he came up with his own interpretation and highly successful product; the poi-finger-flogger. Today you’ll find that and much more, like his triple-slappers, dragontongues, canes and huges!

We hope that we can provide you with your Sadistic (or masochistic) wishes!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact us!


Excellent service
Excellent service begins at the moment we enter into contact. Which might be on a fair, through e-mail or on a party. Feel free to ask anything and we will happily try to answer your questions. All your requests will be taken into consideration through professional and constructive communication. When we’re shipping your items, a track and trace code will be emailed to you, so you can trace your package as well. It’s also possible to come pick up your order when it’s done or come see our collection!

We aim for very happy customers!

Handmade to your wishes
If you can dream it up, we can help to realise it into a product! From simple designs to more elaborate designs, we’re always willing to inform you of the possibilities to make your dream product come true. For more information, or where to submit your idea click on Custom Floggers.

The world of BDSM is a big one with a great array of preferences. It might be overwhelming to new members of the community, so we have devoted a portion of this site to inform about Safe, Sane and Consensual play. Our own values as Kinksters and Polyamorous people are heavily based upon ethical behaviour and communication, which we also wish to share if welcome. It’s also important for us to educate you on your possible purchase, so we’ve added information on how to decide what kind of flogger suits you best and what kind of impact a certain flogger will give. Any questions are always welcome!

High quality
Whips by Wolf makes sure that we use the highest quality leather available in all of our products. All of our products are handmade with a lot of dedication and love! Wolf is really passionate about crafting floggers and other toys, so they are always well taken care of. In our floggers you won’t find a hollow core. This insures that our floggers are easier to place and the falls spread out evenly!