Custom floggers

We create your dreams

You had a dream…..

A dream that you could whip or be whipped with a beautiful, high quality, handcrafted set of floggers. Dream no longer and tell us everything! We love bringing cherished ideas to a reality, let us build that custom set for you!

Oh… The things we can make for you (…are listed below!)


  • Flogger sets
  • Exclusive flogger sets
  • Poi-finger-floggers
  • Huge floggers
  • Looped floggers

Other toys….

  • Dragontongues
  • Triple-slappers
  • Slammers
  • Canes

Your own idea:

  • Nunchaku-floggers
  • Wolf’s tail
  • Themed sets
  • Chained Wolf
  • Something new!

All of the above products can be customised in color, endknobs and fall ends.

Custom orders